Portfolio - Cuson Lo

As a professional visualizer in advertising factory for over a decade,
Cuson has great achievements in both digital drawing and hand drawing.
Cuson's gallery were the twisted, comical, and somtimes haunting figures that appear in almost all of his drawings.
Most of his satisfaction is not related to his job but in drawing freely in leisure time with his infinite passion of drawing.

          Digital Drawings                                                             
Girl With Teddy Bear Girl With Cat Costume Big Big Cat Starred At Me Hotaru No Hikari The End Of The World
Play Chess With Robot Why I'm here? Old Martin Silly Fish she gonna eat me
Blood in shopping street 1st Xmas BANG! Painting

          Acrylic Paintings                                                                         
muimui at home a nike shoe Aragorn and Arwen Mary Family
cottage green        

meeting you Sai Kung